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  • Somerset May 29, 2019
    5 June by E.D.

    What a game…what a game…WHAT A GAME! Somerset made their way to Chippewa Falls tonight. Finally getting some reprieve from the rain, the sun was out and the temps were in the mid 70’s. Everyone knew it was going to be a hot race to the finish line, with only one team coming out on top. The game started with a bang! Strikers won the battle and took control of the ball first. Colby made an awesome pass to G who sunk it into the goal within the first 10 minutes of the game. Less than a minute later the Strikers regained the ball and snuck the ball into the goal, for goal number two. At this point, no shots had been taken by Somerset. The Strikers dominated the field and kept the ball in Striker territory. They pummeled the Summerset keeper shot after shot. However, each time the goal was blocked. The Strikers passing game was on point tonight. Somerset tried to get down the field to make their first attempt at a goal, but G swooped in and stopped the ball in its tracks. Several more shots were taken, but no goal was scored by the Strikers. Somerset gained control of the ball and Ewan raced over to it and tried to steal the ball away, but an unlucky penalty kept the ball in Somerset's control. Ewan saw his chance to go after it again and this time, he took the ball away like a champ passing to a teammate. G centered the ball and Will put it high up into the goal, for goal number 3. After a handball was called on Somerset, G kicked the ball down the field to Marshall where he was waiting to attack. Somerset was waiting too and unfortunately got the ball. However, Colby and Aaron teamed up and got it back. Strikers scored another goal just around 6:35 p.m. Score: 4-0. Somerset came back hard. They headed down the field but were met by strong Striker defense. Liam stopped the ball, passed it to G and G was able to maneuver down the field and score another goal just before the half. The second half started and Somerset brought their “A” game. Strikers defense was on the ball and they were able to stop any attempts at a goal. Somerset was finally able to take their first attempt at a goal during the second half, but Jack shut it down. Ewan and Waseem teamed up. They worked together to get the ball rolling down the field into Striker territory. Ty took the shot, but came up empty handed. The teamwork on that shot was epic, however. Sommerset took a final stab at trying to get past the Striker “Wall” and Jack, but came up short. The final whistle blew and the game ended. Final score: Strikers 5, Somerset 0.

  • The Chippewa Strikers U13B C3 team traveled to River Falls for their first away game. As the game started, the Chippewa Strikers appeared to be the dominate team. Lots of passing and ball control kept the ball in River Falls half. 1 minute in, William was able to land one on target to start the scoring. 1 minute later, G played a nice ball to Colby's feet who was able to knock it in. River Falls made a couple runs to the other end, but the Strikers defense, led by Jack, were able to keep them out. At the 9 minute mark, William was able to send another one past the River Falls keeper. At minute 38, River Falls took advantage of some confusion at the back line and placed a goal in net. Waseem finished off the half after collecting his own rebound, sending it to score. 

    2nd half started with the Strikers still maintaining control. G found Marshall pushing through the defense to put another point on the board for the Strikers. 7 minutes later, Waseem took the ball in again. William followed next with a score at the 54 minute mark. The Strikers started passing the ball more attempting to give everyone a chance to touch the ball. Henry sent one in for Ewan to strike the back of the net with 14 minutes left in the game. G took one on his own 1 minute later. Jack was able to come out of goal to play the field and was soon rewarded when Waseem pushed on to him for a final score right before the game expired. The team worked together and did not ever back down. Final: Strikers 10, River Falls 1.

  • The first game of the season for the U13 boys! It’s been a long off season, but the guys were ready to
    play and leave it all on the field as they took on Red Cedar at their first home game. The game started out with a lot of back and forth between the teams, battling for which end of the field the ball would end up on. The Strikers played their positions well and had a great passing game. Their patience paid off as Colby sunk one into the goal, within the first 10 minutes of the game. It was exciting and definitely a great way to start off. Red Cedar took their turn and within a few minutes tied up the game 1-1. Half time came and game remainded tied.

    The teams appeared to be pretty evenly matched. The Strikers were able to grab the ball, as it was being dribbled down the field by Red Cedar, and it was quickly passed to G. The crowd was on the edge of their seats. G was
    determined, waited for the perfect moment, and launched the ball into the goal upping the score to, 2-1. Red Cedar then took control of the ball. They drove the ball down into Striker territory. They took a few shots, but Jack was on his game and managed to keep the ball out. After an unlucky penalty, Red Cedar was able to sneak a goal in. Score: 2-2.

    The Strikers kept the ball down in Red Cedar’s territory. The Strikers stopped the ball each time the Red Cedar tried to pass. Time was winding down and with only 5 minutes left of the game, the Strikers were able to take the ball away from Red Cedar again. Liam dribbled up to midfield and gave a hard kick. The ball bounced in front of the Red Cedar goalie and then bounced high up into the goal, off the goalie’s fingertips, scoring the winning point.

    Final score: Strikers 3, Red Cedar 2.

  • Welcome to the Chippewa Strikers U13B webpage. We are getting things started for the 2019 season. Follow here for information on our season.

    This season we welcome Coach Al Ali to the team. We are looking forward to learning skills and tactics from Coach Ali and hope to have a successful season. 


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