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  • Woodbury June 25
    26 June by

    The U12B Chippewa Strikers team traveled to Woodbury, MN for a 5:30pm game to finish off their spring season. Temps were high and the wind was blowing hard out of the east. The boys knew they were going to have to fight. 

    Game started and Woodbury quickly showed they were faster with the ball, but the Strikers were determined to hold their ground. Several pushes by each team were met with strong defense and wide shots on goal. At the 10 minute mark Woodbury put the spin on the ball that landed in net. The attacks continued until 10 minutes later Woodbury hit goal again. 2 minutes later their speed was too much and another goal was scored. 1 minute passed and a defensive miscommunication allowed Woodbury once again to score. Determined not to lay down, the Strikers pushed back and at the 27 minute mark it paid off with Colby putting the Strikers on the board. Woodbury quickly took off from the reset and once again finessed the ball through the defense to put another point on the board at half. The 2nd half started out stronger for the Strikers and they were able to move the ball better through the Woodbury defense. A nicely placed corner kick by Waseem set the ball in position for Colby to drill it in. A handball violation in the goal box set Woodbury up for a penalty kick that they successfully landed. Both teams continued the fight, but Woodbury was the only one to score again with 6 minutes remaining in the game. Final: Strikers 2, Woodbury 7.   

  • The U12 team headed to New Richmond for a 6:00pm game against New Richmond U12. The boys were looking for a win to put them with a 50% win ratio. The team, minus 3 players, took the field with focus. Several pushes towards the New Richmond goal found the Strikers in shooting positions, but the ball either went wide or the aggressive New Richmond keeper was able to secure it. 15 minutes in, New Richmond took advantage of a high bounce and sprinted past the defense to start the scoring. The Strikers kept possession of the ball for the majority of the game and at the 39 minute mark, G was able to land one in net. Shortly after, New Richmond took advantage of a defensive miscommunication and knocked their 2nd goal in. The Strikers weren't phased and pushed back determined to keep control. Waseem found the net at 42 minutes tying up the game before half. 2nd half started out strong for the Strikers and once again they kept control of the ball. Some unlucky penalty calls took away some shots on goal, but the boys kept pushing. At the 56 minute mark, Colby found the back of the net to round out the scoring. The Strikers held their ground for the remainder of the game and came out victorious. Final: Strikers 3, New Richmond 2
  • CD Lobos June 13
    13 June by

    The Chippewa Strikers U12 traveled to St. Paul for a 6:00pm kick off against CD Lobos. The team had only 9 players, so no extra breaks for anyone. As the game started, the Strikers took control. The boys kept their position well and showed they wanted the ball. Several pushes towards the opponents goal were made, but the shots were missing the target. The boys kept the ball mainly in the CD Lobos end. Game stayed 0 to 0 at half. The 2nd half started with the Strikers keeping control. At the 43 minute mark Waseem found a opening and put the Syrikers on the board. 13 minutes later Liam was setup for a free kick outside the box. The ball sailed over the defense wall and into the upper corner. 10 minutes later CD Lobos got a break away and snuck one I'm putting them on the board. The Strikers weren't having any of that and Waseem drove the ball into the corner and placed a cross right to Liam's foot so he could drill it in at the 57 minute mark. From their the Strikers worked on clock control until the final whistle. Final score: Strikers 3, CD Lobos 1.
  • Hastings June 11
    12 June by

    Chippewa Strikers U12 ventured to Hastings, MN for a 6:20pm game. With 4 players short, the U12 team requested some help from the U11 team. We thank those 3 boys for stepping in to help out. 

    Rain started falling steadily at game time, but the boys were excited to take the field. After some clarifications were made with the refereeing staff about build out line use, the game got started. Both teams pushed back and forth during the 1st half with Hastings making more shots on goal. A questionable shot from Hastings hit the side of the goal and neither the Referee nor the AR could make the call whether it went in or through the side net. The Referee then declared a goal. The Strikers held Hastings to that only goal for the first half. 2nd half started out similar, but the Strikers lost momentum and Hastings used their speed to push the ball past the defense several times. Some miscommunications caused several mistakes for the Strikers and they soon found themselves with a 8 to 0 deficit before the final whistle.   


  • The Chippewa Strikers U12B C2 team hosted Somali American Youth U12 for a 7:20pm kickoff at Casper Park on Wednesday, May 30. These teams last saw each other at the 2017 MYSA Summer State Tournament as U11 C3 teams. 

    Rain started falling right as both teams took the field. Somali American started out strong catching the Strikers off guard and was able to land one in the back of the net 7 minutes into play. 14 minutes later they did again. Somali American passed the ball well and knew how to hold their positions. at the 23 minute mark, Somali American hit pay dirt again with another at the 30 minute point. As rain came and went, both teams seeked shelter under canopies for half. 

    2nd half started similarly to the first with Somali American controlling the ball. within 7 minutes of the half. 4 minutes later they did it again. The Strikers changed their stance and quickly started controlling the game. Strikers had several great runs, but the ball just couldn't find home. At the 74 minute mark, G put up a nice cross from the top of the 18 yard box finding the feet of Henry at the back post. In went the ball putting the Strikers on the board. Several more attempts were made by the Strikers with most missing the mark by a small distance. Game ended with both teams congratulating each other on a clean played game. Final: Somali American 6, Strikers 1.

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