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  • July 13 Sibley Sting
    14 July by Ryan Normand

    The Strikers traveled to Hudson, WI for the first round of MYSA State Qualifiers. After rain delays the day before, game time was set for 4:00pm against Sibley Sting. Over cast skies, winds out of the northwest, and temps were hovering in the lower 70s. Most the team was present for this important game. A win would mean 1st seed in the State tournament. The Strikers won the flip and chose to kick off. As the team took the field, you could see the confidence in their faces. With only one sub on their bench, Sibley came out ready to compete. The Strikers took immediate control of the game and passed the ball around the Sibley defense with great control. 31 minutes in Johnathan N. gave a charging Matt Z. the ball to get the scoring started. 1 minute later Will K. did the same and Matt Z. once again capitalized. The game appeared to be in the Strikers' control. At the 46 minute mark, Mitchell O. fed Matt Z. the ball giving Matt a hat trick. The Strikers defense never let the Sibley offense get near the goal box and kept the ball headed in the right direction. At 58 minutes Mitchell O. once again gave Matt Z. a nicely placed ball to add to the score. The Strikers decided to switch almost their entire line up and some defenseman went to the front. That never slowed down the Strikers and at the 74 minute mark Mike F. pushed his way through the Sibley defense to put his mark on the game. 4 minutes later Mike F. placed the ball just right for Isak A. to find the back of the net. The Strikers never let up and Sibley Sting was looking worn out. That did not slow Drake S. down as he took the ball unassisted in for a score at the 89th minute. Final: Strikers 7, Sibley Sting 0. The Strikers move onto MYSA State as the #1 seed for the East Division.

  • July 8 Sibley Sting
    9 July by Ryan Normand

    The last game of the MYSA 2014 season for the U16 Strikers saw them meeting Sibley Sting in St. Paul for a 8:00pm game. After a short delay, the game got started around 8:20pm and the Strikers immediately took control. At the 9 minute mark Mitchell O. Sent a ball to a flying Isak A. who was able to land the ball securely in the net. Sibley Sting was not ready to sit back and take another beating. They continued to push the Strikers' defense until the 17 minute mark when they made it through and snuck one past goal tender Jordan H. The Strikers took many chances at goal, but had a hard time finding the net. At the 54 minute mark the Strikers were set for a corner kick and Johnathan N. was the kicker. He was able to launch a nice arching ball that dropped right inside the goal line. Both teams pushed, literally, back and forth at each other until time expired. Final: Strikers 2, Sibley Sting 1


    The Strikers will meet Sibley Sting at least one more time in the MYSA State Qualifying round on Sunday, July 13th. 

  • July 1 Red Wing
    8 July by Ryan Normand

    Last meeting with Red Wing occurred on Tuesday, July 1 at 7:00pm in Eau Claire. The Strikers were determined to keep their winning streak alive as they took the field on the overcast and chilly evening. Christian B. was the first to score and it happened 20 minutes into the game. Red Wing battled back and at the 52 minute mark found themselves set up for a penalty kick in the goal box adding 1 to the score. The Strikers rebounded and at the 60 minute mark, Johnathan N. fed Matt Z. the ball for a score. 14 minutes later Matt Z. gave the ball to Taylor B. who was able to land it securely in the net. Rain had started to fall, but the Strikers kept pushing. Red Wing found their way through the Strikers defense at the 78 minute mark to add one more to their board. Both teams pushed back and forth, but the goal tenders and defense kept the score locked. Final: Strikers 3, Red Wing 2. 

  • 1st Place
    27 June by Ryan Normand

    With only 2 games left in regular season play, the Strikers are sitting in first place in the MYSA standings with 9 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie. Red Wing sits in 2nd with 7,3,1 record, followed by New Richmond with a 5,5,1 record. Sibley Sting rounds off the bracket with a 4, 5,1 record. The Strikers are set to play in the MYSA Summer State Tournament that will start with a qualifying round on Saturday, July 12. 

  • June 26 Red Wing
    26 June by Ryan Normand

    Traveling to Eau Claire to meet up with Red Wing for a 7:00pm game, the Strikers were faced with some missing players. Matt Z. was off dancing to some country music at Country Fest in Cadott and Riley W. had broken his collar bone earlier while perfecting his wrestling moves. Isak A. was the first to score with an assist from Mitchell O. 13 minutes into the game. Red Wing responded with a goal 4 minutes later after some miscommunication from the Striker defense. The Strikers regrouped and Isak sprinted down the field with the ball and found pay day at the 21 minute mark. Once again Red Wing responded with a beautifully placed ball in the upper right corner of the goal. The fight went back and forth with the Strikers making more shots on goal, but never getting it passed the goal keeper. The Red Wing defense went to a 5 man line and held the Strikers at bay. Game ended with the score being tied. Final: Strikers 2, Red Wing 2.

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