Player Registration

If you are new to the Chippewa Strikers Soccer Club and want to register your player but have questions, please take the time to explore our site or ask members about the club to learn more. Don't hesitat to contact a board member or send a message to the club here.


Who can register?

Any female or male that is currently age 9-19, from any school district, is eligible to play.

How much does it cost?

Each player will be assessed an annual registration fee and an additional cost for game uniforms. All players/parents are responsible for the costs of individual player equipment and clothing, i.e.: jerseys, shorts, socks, shoes, shingards, etc. There may also be additional fees if your team registers for tournaments beyond regular season play. All of these fees may change from season to season. You can see what the previous season fees were by searching the Club's news archive to get an idea. The Club also offers scholarships to assist families in offsetting a portion of the player registration fee for those families with a financial need. If interested, print out and follow the instructions on this form.

What kind of equipment will my player need?

Besides the Striker uniform, cleats (w/o metal spikes) and shinguards are required for games and practice. Proper athletic/workout attire will be needed for practice as well. For indoor practices, your player should have proper athletic footwear. It is also recommended that they bring a soccer ball and water bottle to practice. Players will be responsible for bring both home and away jerseys to all games.

How long is the season?

League play usually starts in late April and goes until mid-July. Some teams start practicing in March, maybe earlier, depending on age group, weather, availability of indoor facilities, etc. If the team decides to participate in the end of season state tournament, games continue into late July.

How much traveling is there?

Regular season games are usually split, half home and half away. Away games can be up to two and a half hours away but are generally an hour and a half away. Tournaments are most often away, falling into the same traveling time as regular season games. Many teams will organize or offer carpooling for players needing a ride.

When are practices? How often?

Practice dates and times are determined by the team's coach (with input from parents) and based on the availability of open fields. Players are expected to attend all practices. Missing practices (without a coaches' approval) may have an effect on playing time. Transportation to and from all practices and games is the reponsibility of the parent. The frequency of practice depends on the coach, age group, game schedule, and availability of field time.

When are games?

Generally, during regular season, teams will have one game a week, typically around 6-7 PM on weeknights, though this can be 0-2 games a week and some games are on weekends. Sometimes teams have conflicting schedules or the weather doesn't cooperate and games are rescheduled to a date and time that both teams agree upon. This may increase the frequency of games in a week. Tournaments most often take place on weekends with multiple games throughout the day.

Tournaments and Playoffs

It is up to the team whether to participate in tournaments. Tournaments are typically held on weekends with multiple games throughout the day. Tournament fees are paid by individual team families or sponsors if available. The end of season state tournament can last two weeks with games throughout the week and weekend. All playoff fees are paid by the Club.

Do we have to travel to an away game with a forecast of bad weather?

MYSA policy states that games can only be called off for bad weather by a league offical. In some circumstances, this may not occur until a team has already arrived at the field, though it is most often called off prior to leaving for the game. By not traveling to a game under the assumption that the game will be called off due to weather will result in the team forfeiting the game, if in fact the weather was permitting.

What is "over roster"?

The MYSA determines how many players a team can roster and how many players a team can have available over that roster amount. This varies per age group as follows:

  • U9 and U10 - max players 12 + 1 over roster
  • U11 and U12 - max players 14 + 1 over roster
  • U13 through U15 - max players 18 + 2 over roster
  • U16 through U19 - max players 18 + 4 over roster

What this means is that a team can only play their maxium roster amount per game. For example, a U15 team that has 20 total players, 2 of which are over roster, can only play 18 of those players for a game. The other 2 players would not be eligible for that game. Coaches try to rotate through players, giving everyone the opportunity to play.

Over roster players are determined by the date the Club received the players registration. The club will only over roster if a player(s) cannot be placed on another suitable team.

During league playoffs and state tournament, a team may only roster the maximum number of players based on their age group. Assuming all roster players on a team were available for playoffs, the over roster players would not be eligible to be on the playoff roster. If one of the roster players is unavailable for post season play (prior to submitting playoff roster), the first over roster player could take that spot. If a second spot is opened, the second over roster player would be eligible and so forth.

What if my child gets injured?

Coaches and league officals do everything in their power to keep players safe but as with any physical sport, injuries will occur. It is understood that the Chippewa Strikers organization will not be responsible for any injury that may occur to a player. A parent or guardian must sign a health/emergency form and waiver/release form before the player may practice. The coach will keep this form in case of an emergency. WYSA does provide insurance for the Chippewa Striker's organization and individual players which is included in the registration fee.

What is expected of Chippewa Strikers families?

The Chippewa Strikers Soccer Club is run exclusively by volunteers. We rely on all to help provide the services we offer to our soccer members. Contact any board member, coach, or team parent if you would like to volunteer.

Additional Information

More information about the Club can be found in the Chippewa Strikers Handbook. You may also want to check out the WYSA and MYSA websites.